We offer naturopathy, acupuncture and hydrotherapy. Laboratory testing and a full apothecary of the highest quality products is also available. We work with men, women and children for all health concerns.
New Patient Initial Consultation | 50 min
Follow Up Visit | 50 Min
Focused Follow Up Visit | 30 Min



Acupuncture | 50 Min

Cupping | 50 Min       



Single Hydrotherapy

Three Hydrotherapy


You can come see us for all health concerns acute or chronic, as well as general health and well being. We are dedicated to helping you optimize your health. Here are some examples of issues we can help you with:

• Women’s Health: PMS, hormonal imbalances, menopause

• Children’s Health: ear infections, allergies, cough, asthma, rashes

• Men’s Health: BPH, decreased libido

• Digestion: IBS, colitis, candida, food intolerance


Laboratory Testing

• Adrenal Fatigue Profile
• Female/Male Hormone, Fertility Profiles
• Environmental Pollutant Profiles
• Heavy Metal Profile
• Food Allergy Panel
• Gastrointestinal Panels including Stool Analysis
• Neurotransmitter Assessment for Mood Imbalances

More tests available to suit your specific condition



Custom made teas and tinctures

• Pharmaceutical grade supplements